Dividends accuracy in Portfolio Report

Would like to undsrstand how StocksCafe maintain dividends information and accuracy as it can be a key consideration for one to assess sell action on given counter if it is P&L+Div$ positive

Any other tips for self check too?

Hi there,

Thank you for the question.

  1. We purchase data from third party vendors. We also run sanity checks and also cross checks with some official channels to confirm their data. So, I would say the data is at least 99% correct. Note that it takes 2-3 business days for dividends to be reflected after official announcement by the company.

  2. Given that there are several hundred of thousands dividends in StocksCafe, even 99% correct means there can be errors. So, we have built in ways for users to check easily.

a) Check per ticker: You can use the “User” tab of individual Stock page to confirm the dividends you collected (e.g. If you have DBS, ttps://stocks.cafe/stock/username/D05?exchange=XSES&date=&label_ids=-1 )

b) Another way is to use cash balance feature: If you are using this feature, you can simply cross check that the cash balance shown matches your brokerage (assuming that you have one portfolio per brokerage).

Of course, if you see any errors, please inform us.


Hi Evan, thanks for above.

I have similar question re dividend accuracy, not about accuracy from data provider side, but about the dividend $ amount that I receive in my brokerage vs those auto calculated (less the settings we define in Preference). There’s always slight discrepancies here and there due to different brokerage charges handling fee differently, minimum handling cost difference, custody fee etc - resulting in differences of cash balance vs various brokerages. Is there anywhere that we can manually update in Stockscafe, or what do you suggest to mitigate such differences?

One suggestion if I may is to have a ON/OFF setting for user, to allow for MANUAL approval function for every single dividend posted for each stock (with correction/adjustment function to each dividend amount/handling fee). For user who don’t mind the minor difference, can stick to DEFAULT setting just like now as is, so it will not be mandatory/troublesome for every users to approve every single dividend, but if set as ON, users like me who check every dividend will be very useful to be able to match each dividend$ in Stockscafe vs brokerages.

  1. Yes, you can manually override using this → Override Dividend Collected
    Here is a small tutorial on it → How to Override Dividends - StocksCafe Academy

  2. I also suggest that you fire/change your brokerage. Many brokerages I use do not charge for dividends handling.

This is a good suggestion. I have been thinking about this but thought might be too troublesome for most users. Having it default off is good point.
Let me add to the feature requests.