Dividends of Hupsteel incorrect

Hi Evan,

I have been holding Hupsteel since 09/2017. I sold of yesterday and checked the value of my closed position. I then realised the dividend collected shows an amount much less than what I collected over the 3 times that dividend was paid. On checking further under the Dividend paid information I saw that the dividend paid out is stated as 50% less of Dividend before Tax , which i believe is not the case. Could you pls check on this or could I have made some sort of error which i doubt so. Cheers.

Hi Elmer,

Thank you for reaching out.

  1. I just checked that Hupsteel in StocksCafe seems to have the same dividends as stated in SGX. At least till 2016.

  2. From 2015, it did a consolidation (i.e. reverse stock split) and hence dividends before then is listed under another ticker => https://stocks.cafe/stock/dividend/H73/H73?page=1&type=xdetails

Would you happen to know what is the amount you are expecting and which dividends are the ones that are missing?


Hi Evan,
The period I am referring to pertains to only after my purchase of the counter in Sept 2017. In November 2017 Hupsteel paid a div of $0.02. In Feb/March 2018 and Nov 2018 they again paid another round of div of $0.02 ( $0.01 final div and $0.01 Special Div ) totalling $0.04 for year 2018.

Under my portfolio page in the Dividend section tab, the occurrence of the dividends paid out is correct but the amount is where it differs. From the table shown there, all my other counters show identical same amount div Amt ( WO tax ) and Amt, but for Hupsteel the Amt ( after tax) is 50% of Amt ( WO Tax ). I think this may be where the anomaly is.

Specifically I bought 18 000 Hupsteel in Sept 2017. In Nov 2017 , the same div table shows a div of $360 ( WO Tax ) and Amt $180 ( after tax ). This is the same for the 2 rounds of divs in 2018. Also from the company announcements these div are tax exempt so is there some error in the computation here?

Also correspondingly in the Overview of my portfolio , becos I have sold off the shares the Div from Closed positions reflects a total of $540 which is incorrect. From my records it is $1080. So again the same disparity here.

Pls check if my conclusion is correct and amend accordingly if so. Otherwise pls advise my mistake anywhere.
Thank you.


Ah… I see. If you look at the right side of this page => https://stocks.cafe/stock/dividend/BMH/hupsteel+ltd?type=xdetails&exchange=XSES

There is a “Dividends Tax Rate” section. I believe you have entered 50.0 there? If that is not true, please reset it to 0.0.
It is something that is entered by user. Maybe you have somehow accidentally added that?

Btw, you can use this page to see all the places/stocks where you have added “Dividends Tax Rate” => https://stocks.cafe/user/toupdateportfoliopreferences

I hope that will solve your issue. If not, please let me know. Thanks.


Oh you are right ! I was playing around with that feature and didnt realise that affects it. Good to learn another new feature. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the trouble !

No worries.