Dividends overstated for closed positions

Total Position for YZJ Shipbuilding is 13,000 shares (Before selling)
Sold 5000 shares, but dividends for the closed position shows $450 (indicating dividends for 10,000 shares, since 4.5cents dividend is issued per share) instead of $225 (5000 x $0.045)

Hi there,

For the computation of dividends to allocate to closed positions, StocksCafe uses FIFO (first in first out) approach.

If you look at this page → https://stocks.cafe/stock/username/BS6/yzj+shipbldg+sgd?exchange=XSES

  1. The 5000 shares sold have collected dividends on two occasions, 13 May 2020 and 11 May 2021.

  2. Each time, the dividends per share was 0.045 hence it is 5000 x 2 x 0.045 = $450.


Ahh wow, thanks for your quick reply. Glad that this wasn’t a bug.

Keep up the good work, Evan!


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