Dropdown list for Portfolio under Transactions don't seem to be working

Hi Evan,

The dropdown list for Portfolio under transactions don’t seem to be working. Was trying to create a sell action for my transaction.

Possible to kindly check it out?

With rgds,

Hi Damon,

This is likely happening because you do not have an active portfolio → https://stocks.cafe/select/portfolio/toadd

Do ensure that at least one has the “active” checkbox checked.


ps: I thought I already prevent people from unchecking all recently. Were you able to uncheck all now still?

Hi Evan,

Yes it worked. Thank you very much.

I can’t uncheck all but can uncheck one by one. Not sure why all the portfolios in the link were unchecked. Might have been me that fiddled around things that left those boxes unchecked.

Best rgds,

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