Error in DBS Dividends under Portfolio>Report

Greetings Evan

Believe there’s some error in Dividends being reported as follows:

I have 3500 shares of DBS since 2020. But under Portfolio → Report → Dividends Projected Details, the “Show Projection Full Details” show only 1500 shares (Paid & Projected), even when I’ve selected to show ALL my portfolios.

Sorry, this discrepancy actually gives a misleading total annual dividends.

Weird, I don’t seem to find any similar errors in my other counters.

Thanks & Regards

Hi Derrick,

  1. It is more of a display bug. If you check the total amount for say the ExDate 13 Aug 2022, it is still the same →

  2. It is cause by the same shares holding in different portfolios.

  3. That said, can you create a bug report for it and I can try to find time to work on it →