Error in VWRL price

Hi, there seems to be an error in the VWRL.LN price?

its latest price is reflected as 7990 instead of 79.90 so could be a decimal issue.

Hi yes, I noticed this is the same error for VUSA as well: 5,845.375 when it should be 58.45 GBP

For VUSA, the values are in GBX and 1 GBP is 100 GBX hence it is correct. Btw, I did not determine the currency, it is done by upstream :frowning:

For VWRL, upstream suddenly changed the currency for it (i.e. from GBP to GBX). Anyway, I just fixed it.

seems like the price reverted back to GBX, is there a way to manually overide it?

You mean for this? →

yes this one, it was previously under GBP

I see. Technically, the value is not wrong since 100 GBX is 1 GBP.

Are you saying that you would prefer it to display in GBP?

yes, as all my previous recorded transactions were done using the same ticker as reflected in my portfolio. so a sudden change to GBX will affect my portfolio values, will that be possible?

A change to GBX will not affect your portfolio values since they are essentially equivalent with consistent exchange rate (i.e. 1 GBP = 100 GBX)

hmm, previously my VWRL was all denominated in GBP

eg. if i currently own 100 shares in VWRL with current price of 80GBP, previously it would reflect as total value of 8000, but now the VWRL price is 8 000, so it shows up in my portfolio value as 800 000