ES3 Comparison


ES3 is used for comparing portfolio performance against the STI.

I am wondering how the performance of ES3 is calculated in SC.

Over the lifetime of a portfolio we make buys and sells and generally, if things are going well, we increase the size of the portfolio with time.


  • is there any allowance for this in SC?

  • or is the price of ST3 taken at the birth of the portfolio, which would mean my portfolio performance is based upon dumping the total current value of my portfolio into ES3 at the beginning of time?

Logically (it seems to me) that the sales and purchases I make in the portfolio should be reflected in the ES3 performance for me as if I had been buying or selling the index at the same time as making trades in the portfolio.

And if so, the buy/sell price should be taken into account as well as the trading costs.

Jus’ wonderin’.

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Yes, that is a good question! I remember I did consider all the buy and sell based on the current price of ES3 then.

I will follow up with a crystal clear answer once I spend time digging through the code to ensure I am giving an accurate answer.


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as SC includes more index, do we need a global etf as an optional benchmark?

There is already a request to allow users to select individually an index as benchmark.

is it? think we need faq page? I don’t always keep up with the new features.

I just looked at portfolio preference, i dont see any option. can guide me how to change benchmark??


It is still at the request stage.

Have to wait until it reaches the top of the list, which may be a while…

Yes, it is in the pipeline. Not working on it yet :frowning:

Definitely something I want to do.