Export cash transaction doesn't work

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to “Portfolio” page
  2. Click “Cash transactions”
  3. Choose a single portfolio, and ensure cash transactions are shown in the table
  4. Click “Export Cash Transactions” (e.g https://stocks.cafe/portfolio/transactions/exportcashtransactions?label_ids=16672&token=)

Expected result: CSV file with transactions downloaded

Actual result: Empty file is downloaded

Thank you for the clear steps to reproduce. I found the issue and have fixed it. Please verify. Thanks!

Thank you for such a fast fix!

I confirm it works as intended now.

P.S. A tiny feature request: prevent “Exchange” with the same currency (go to “Cash Transactions”, press “Add Cash Transaction”, choose type “Exchange”, insert the same currency in the fields “Currency From” and “Currency To” => don’t allow “save”). Only using export & spreadsheet I was able to find my mistake :sweat_smile:

Sorry, I do not fully understand this. Can you explain more? Maybe some screenshots.


Currently, the form allows inputting the following:

After pressing “Save” it creates 1 deposit & 1 withdrawal:

I would argue converting Singapore Dollars to Singapore Dollars doesn’t make sense. If it happens user probably made a mistake in the form (“Currency To” is supposed to be USD in this particular example).

The mistake is not prevented during input, nor is it highlighted in the list. So it really hard (at least for me) to spot such incorrect input especially if it is somewhere in the middle of the table.

Suggested tiny improvement:
when user clicks “Add”: if (action == 'Exchange' && currencyFrom == currencyTo) { block or warn user }

might save somebody a lot of time trying to figure out why the balance is incorrect :slight_smile:

Thank you for the detailed description!

I understand now and totally agree! Will add that check soon :slight_smile:

Done. Thanks!

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