[feature request] - Alert using company financials entries

Hi Evan - hope you’re well! Thanks for building this tool.
Was shocked to see how poorly Prime US REIT is doing. Didn’t realise it somehow all this while that the price has dropped so much. So, 3 feature requests:

  1. Within ‘alerts’, we already have ‘today’s close <’ which i could use to warn me in the future when the price drops. Can we preset some %s of ‘today’s close < x % of average price in portfolio’. So if you have option of x being 80, and average price of my Prime REIT holdings is $1, and the price today closes at $0.79, then I get an alert and know something might be wrong.
  2. Can we also pull metrics from ‘Financials’ and specifically ‘Key Ratios’ tab in alerts. For e.g. for prime REIT I would like to have gotten an email when net margin or ROE, ROA, ROIC went negative.
  3. For both above, can we please have a ‘apply to all’ option so we don’t have to go and do 1 by 1 for each holding.


Hi there,

If I understand you correctly, basically, you want to be able to create an alert that will compare latest close against average price in portfolio, right? (with a multiplier in between so that you can do things like is latest close 20% lower than average price in portfolio).

I see.

You mean apply to whole portfolio and/or watchlist?


Added responses in bold above.

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Thank you for the feature request.

This request will be more suitable for QuantsCafe (https://blog.quants.cafe) going forward.

In fact, I did intend to revamp the whole set of scattered monitoring/alerts tools in StocksCafe to be more consistent and convenient in QuantsCafe.

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