Financial Data update due to changes in Morningstar?

hi Evan,
I understand there was some changes recently in the way Morningstar displayed the listed companies financial data at their website ? Did the changes at Morningstar affected the “latest financial” data listed in Stockscafe ? Example - I was not able to find the recent Q2FY22 financial data for Fiverr (FVRR) & Twilio (TWLO) under Stockscafe ? Both companies reported their results on 4 Aug 2022.
Looking forward to your advice.
Thank you, BK

[Repeating the email here]

Hi BK,

No lah. It is just that I have yet to pull from Morning. I pull twice a week. Since the reporting is on 4 Aug, now only 8 Aug. Morning also need some time to update on their side but in theory as long as Morning gets their data up, I should also be able to get it.

Anyway, I just manually updated the two stocks that you mentioned.