FIRST REIT (AW9U) - 2022 Q2 Dividend Incorrect

The final dividend rate shall be 0.0066 per share.

Updated. Thanks → Distribution History | First REIT

Btw, SGX still showing 0.008+ → Corporate Actions - Singapore Exchange (SGX)

Thanks Hugo for reporting and Evan for fixing.

@evankoh Do we need to do anything on our end to get the updated/corrected figures reflected? My dividend tracking page is still using the incorrect rate for calculating dividends received.

@locksley are you talking about this page? →
If so, there is a “clear dividends cache” link below, once you click it, it should be resolved.
PS: It is cached and should refreshed at the end of next trading day but you can clear it too.

Hi Evan. Do u hv the feature or capability to manually correct at Stks Cafe?

I have already updated it? No?

Hi Evan. Yes it is updated on the Overview of my portfolio. But it is not updated under the Dividends Tab which details all my dividends under my portfolio. Hmm…strange!


Yes, that is cached. You can update it by clicking on the “clear dividend cache”

Many thanks Evan. Clear divd cache worked. Alls good now!

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I tried clearing the dividend cache yesterday but it didn’t work. I just checked (end of trading day today) and it has been updated. Thanks Evan!

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