Frasers HTrust Financials from Morningstar (SGX:ACV) - StocksCafe

Expected Results: Financial data to be available till 2022 Q3
Actual Results: Data only available till 2022 Q1

Has FHT released the recent report? → I just checked my upstream (i.e. Morningstars) but seems like their data is the same as mine as of now → ACV - Frasers Hospitality Trust Financials & Balance Sheets - XSES | Morningstar

Thank you. Now 2022Q3 data is available on StocksCafe.

But still some issues there:

  1. The sum of quarterly data before 2019 doesn’t tally with annual data. For example, total revenue for 2018 is 275.45M with the quarterly data while 149.81M with annual.
  2. there is only “Q1” data for 2020 while there are “Q1” and “Q3” for 2021 and 2022.


Hi there,

Sorry for the slow reply. Been busy lately. I took a quite look. Yes, something is off. I will investigate more and update again.