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A friend I referred was asking if he signs up for the friend of stockscafe, does the subscription start immediately or at the end of the trial?


Thank you for referring your friend to StocksCafe!

All new subscriptions would always extends from the end of any current subscriptions/trial.


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Hi Evan,

I’m interested to refer friends, however, which referral links should I use? There are two links? One shorter one longer. They will be able to see my portfolio/transactions if they follow me after signing up, right? If my setting is to allow to be seen.

Hi Haven,

Both is fine. If you do not mind sharing your username, I would recommend using the one with your username.

Yes, if you set your portfolio/transactions to be by your followers only. If you set it to be public, then anyone can see.


Hi Evan,

Can I send any links to an email address of phone number to refer people to join StocksCafe and follow me? Now people can only choose to follow me, but I can’t ask them to follow me.

Hi Haven,

Your Referral Url (using your username):
Your Referral Url (using your unique referral code):

If you want someone to follow you, you can send them this link →
You need to ask them to also click on the follow button on the top right.