Fund Supermart

Anyone here uses fundsupermart for stock trading?

What is the pros and cons compared to iOCBC, Lim and Tan, Vickers etc?

Lowest commissions at 0.08% or $10 min. If you have AUM $200K with them $10 flat rate for SG equities transactions.

Live chat is useful and expedient.

Non-CDP. Platform can be deemed messy if you only utilise equities (stock trading) as it also encompasses other things like Bonds and Insurances, like all-in-one platform.

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If you do not use CDP when dealing with iOCBC then they will hit you for charges and taxes everytime you receive distributions.

“1% on net dividend (min S$3, max S$50)
7% GST or equivalent depending on payment currency”

The CDP does not make any charge.

I do not know about fundsupermart as a quick look over the website didn’t provide an overview of their charge structure.

My experience is that FSM does not have charges for corporate actions.

Not really related but what do you all think about StocksCafe start our own trading platform? Seems like it is possible to white-label platforms like iterative brokers or something.

It’s interesting, but how can one standout in a competitive market? And how much more work/money to put in to change StockCafe into a trading platform?

Just a thought. Doubt it will happen soon. The commitment will be huge both in terms of time and money.