Fundng moneybull with SGD 3000

pls take a look at my webull screenshot i have funded webull SGD3000 but im not sure how to get it into money bull to enjoy the 3 years stock cafe subscriptions

i just cant find any button to transfer money to moneybull.
pls advise

Hi there,

Thank you for signing up with Webull via StocksCafe!

  1. You need to activate MoneyBull. (Which you already did)

  2. Then wait for the idleing money to auto transfer after 1-2 business days.

  3. Btw, note that on the screen shot, it says that Amount Retained is SGD 1. It basically means that SGD 1 will not be sent to MoneyBull and kept available for trading/investing. So, please do not change it so that SGD3000 (SGD 3001 - 1) will be sent to MoneyBull.


Money into Webull… can help me add the extra years of subscription to stock cafe pls

Sure. Done. Extended your account for another two years.