Glitches again

Hi Evan,
Yesterday, you rectified the problem of the sudden appearance of GBP currency in my portfolio when I have only traded in USD, SGD and HKD so far.

Now the pie chart under “Allocation” is haywire.
The pie chart shows that my Nikko AM SGD IG Corp Bond ETF allocation is 23.3% while the table below clearly lists that my Nikko AM SGD IG Corp Bond ETF is 20.58%.

The worse thing is there are some stock names that are blank. May I know why are there so many glitches in your system? And I noticed that these glitches getting more frequent? Why is this so?

Personally, I really appreciate Stocks Cafe and I think it’s really a nifty platform. Stocks Cafe has been a wonderful service for me. But there are only so many times you can apologise, obtain goodwill and point your finger at other platforms where you obtain your data. At the end of the day, who is the owner and founder of Stocks Cafe? Who is responsible for the “transfer” of data? Who is responsible for checking the accuracy and authenticity of the data “transferred”?

If I may give my two cents’ worth again, the ultimate value of Stocks Cafe is in the accurate collation and presentation of every member’s portfolio. If this accuracy is gone, the value of this web site will be zero, because I would rather get no data than get inaccurate data. For the sake of your paying members and your web site, please, do something about it.

Have a nice day.

Hi Kaisaul,

Thank you for your feedback.

Yes, you are right. It is the blank and it is only blank for London stocks (which is the same cause as the currency issue you saw yesterday).

I am trying to fix it but GitLab is not cooperating ( and refusing to let me update my code. So, might have to wait a while.

edit: It should be fixed now. Please verify. Thanks.

Yes, you are right. I am the owner and responsible for StocksCafe.

When I share that the issue is caused by upstream data problem, I do not intend to shift the blame away. I am simply sharing the cause and what I am doing to fix it. Likewise, when I escalate the issue upstream, they explain to me the cause and what they are doing to try to fix it.

Hi Evan,

We are aware of the issue. This feature was broken because Bloomberg made several UNANNOUNCED changes to their Openfigi API. We are talking to Bloomberg to remedy the issue.


The balance is between supporting limited exchanges and having little features to have less issues vs supporting as many exchanges as possible with quick feature releases but risking having more issues. (given the same limited time and money resources)

It was somewhat a decision to choose the latter so that users can enjoy more features and exchanges and have users participate by reporting bugs and me fixing them.

As much as I want a perfect StocksCafe and is working on StocksCafe basically every single day (including weekends and public holidays), I cannot and will not be able to guarantee that StocksCafe will always be 100% accurate and bug free as data for the 8 exchanges are coming from 4 different vendors and they are often the more affordable providers due to budget limitations. (Hopefully, StocksCafe will be able to afford the best providers in future.)

That said, it does not mean that I like StocksCafe being problematic. I recently moved to the new vendor for London because the previous one was giving me too many data issues. However, the new one might not have been better on hindsight (even though it claims to be getting data directly from exchanges and is much more expensive).

In any case, I understand your frustration with StocksCafe not being 100% accurate all the time (as I am also equally upset with my upstream whenever they have issues even though I pay them from thousands to several tens of thousands a year).

The purpose of building StocksCafe is to support users in their investment journey, not to give them headaches and frustrations. So, I am always willing to refund you if you believe that StocksCafe is of less value than what you paid for.


I think that for the price Evan is charging for Stockscafe the service is operating really well. As Evan has pointed out above, more accurate data will come at a higher cost, which will have to be passed on to users in some form.