HK shares


I have bought some HK land shares and not sure if I have entered correctly cos they are all in red. I have only entered the price, no. of shares and total price. The fees were auto calculated.Why is the total in red?

Hongkong Land (settlement in SGF)


Things are highlighted in red to warn users that something might be wrongly entered.

In this case, the fees seems too high.

I am guessing that you are trying to enter everything in SGD for a USD listed stock. In this case, you should also change the price per share to SGD.

Assuming that you did pay SGD 11,168.6 and got 1500 shares of HK land. I would suggest one of the following:

  1. Assume fees is 0 and enter price per share 1168.6 / 1500

  2. Find out how much the fees are in SGD for that transaction. Then enter price per share as (1168.6 - fees) / 1500