Hong Kong stocks dividend

When Hong Kong stocks distribute dividends, there will be “dividend fee” and “scrip fee” charged by CCASS.

  1. How do you guys account for in the portfolio?

  2. By the way, what brokers do u guys use? Cos the weird thing is, DBS passes the cost of “dividend fee” and “scrip fee” to customers whereas FSMONE pay it themselves.

Thank you

I use Interactive Brokers. They don’t pass on that fee so I don’t account for it.

You could probably use the withholding tax function if the fee is % based.

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i use StanChart for overseas stocks. No custodial or corporate action fees


For StanChart, any issues with corporate events announcement?
Cos I remember reading somewhere StanChart always last minute gabra lol

They’re usually quite late with their letters and/or SMS notifications. Usually just a few days before the dateline notice but not an issue for me

Using SCB. weird thing I already got my dividend from Wai Kee even doh pay day is on July 5th

oh and from a diff post, only realize that H shares has a tax on dividend, my beijing airport was tax abt 9.3%