How do we manage IAU 2 for 1 reverse split?

It’s “screwing” up the numbers. :slight_smile:


Would this help? → How to Handle Stock Splits - StocksCafe Academy


Hi Evan, can you add the new symbol IAU1?

Hmm… I actually think the ticker did not change → Symbol Lookup from Yahoo Finance

I just updated → iShares Gold Trust Stock Summary (USX:IAU) - StocksCafe

Thanks. In that case, how should I reflect the 2 for 1 reverse split? What “new” stock symbol do I use?

Right now, it shows I have a massive gain which is not right. :slight_smile:

I just did a stock split of 2:1 on 24 May 2021 using this → Perform Stock Split - StocksCafe

It should be better now.

Thanks for helping with the split. I’m pretty sure the summary here is now wrong - seems to have calculated IAU at a massive loss.

Do you know I can correct this?

Yes, you are right. The IAU pricing was still kinda wrong. I have updated it again from upstream and it should be fine now. Can you check again? Thanks.