How much did you get from your Webull spin? (Do not share your phone number here. PM me instead)

In the month of Feb 2023, StocksCafe and Webull have a collaboration → FX Rate of SGD 1 to USD 50 – StocksCafe Blog

I am curious as to how much people get from their spins :slight_smile:

For me, I have spin-ed 5 times so far and it is USD 10 and all TSLA hence total USD 50. Would love to hear anyone with better luck than me!

My spins were 3x USD10.

Hi Evan, I have joined Webull and made the SGD1 deposit. What is the spin about?

Hi Evan, I have joined WeBull with your referral link. And all my spins were 10USD. Appreciate if you can extend my subscription with StocksCafe, am a great supporter of the work you have done here!

Oh… After funding the account, if you go to “Menu” (on the bottom right) then “My Rewards” (middle left), you would have 3 spin chances to claim :slight_smile:

So far 3 spins. All $10. All Tesla.

So far, the highest I heard from StocksCafe users are 1 x USD 20 APPL :slight_smile:

Hi Evan,

Got 3x USD10 of TSLA stocks. Have yet to get the other 2 spins.


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2x TSLA $10
1x AMZN $40


Nice! First AMZN that I know :slight_smile:

2 x TSLA and 1 AAPL :smiley:

$10 for TSLA and $20 for AAPL?

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Hi Evan, I’ve signed up via the referral link 3 spins all 10USD.

Ya… I think most people get USD10 TSLA each spin.

Hi Evan, I’ve signed up via the referral link: 3 spins all 10USD

Mine is 3x USD10 TSLA too…

Hi Evan, I’ve signed up via the referral link; 3 spins all TSLA 10USD

Hi I just signed up webull. What should I do next?

Please pm me your last 4 digits of phone number used to sign up with Webull.

Hi Evan, managed to get my spouse to join and she got 3x USD20 AAPL for her spins! Thanks!