How should I account for scrip dividends, bonus shares, rights issues, etc?



You can simply enter a buy transaction at price SGD 0 (on the date the dividends/shares is given) and maybe add a note to yourself for clarity.

Although StocksCafe will give you a warning by visually highlighting the price in red, it is fine to ignore it. It is there just in case you have made a mistake in entering the price.

Also, you should remove the dividend collected from here using the remove link to prevent double counting.


Hi Evan, I’m navigating via the App, and I can’t find the ‘remove’ link you mentioned, to remove scrip dividend from being double counted under the dividends that are auto added. Can help?


Hi Alex,


Please use desktop or laptop and click on this link. Then use control+f to search for “remove”. It should be there.

Please let me know if it is still not showing up.



Found it! Sorry I didn’t know that function was only available on Desktop Browsers. Thanks.