How should I account for scrip dividends, bonus shares, rights issues, etc?

Question: For scrip Dividends/Re-invested Dividends
Updated Answer: This is now the recommended approach

Question: Bonus shares/free shares
Answer: You can simply enter a buy transaction at price SGD 0 (on the date the shares is given) and maybe add a note to yourself for clarity.
(Although StocksCafe will give you a warning by visually highlighting the price in red, it is fine to ignore it. It is there just in case you have made a mistake in entering the price.)

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Hi Evan, I’m navigating via the App, and I can’t find the ‘remove’ link you mentioned, to remove scrip dividend from being double counted under the dividends that are auto added. Can help?

Hi Alex,


Please use desktop or laptop and click on this link. Then use control+f to search for “remove”. It should be there.

Please let me know if it is still not showing up.


Found it! Sorry I didn’t know that function was only available on Desktop Browsers. Thanks.

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I was wondering whether to account this way for share units issued under DRIP - Dividend Re-Investment Programme for Reits, or to reflect as the true value re-invested (since the fractional units are not issued - means there is a slight difference in amount than if cash dividends were received). Would greatly appreciate any advice here! Thank you.

Hi Julie,

I am not sure if I understand correctly. I almost always take cash :slight_smile:

I would suggest based on limited experience to always reflect true value/cost spent for investment.


I always account for scrip dividends as shares but bought w cost price of dividends being issued. Is that not right?

This sounds about right to me.