How to add inactive stock in the Transactions

Anyone can advise how to add inactive stock in the transaction? Even though there is a remark " Only active stocks are suggested. But you are free to enter inactive stock codes.", I am unable to do it as it will prompt error “Please contact Evan if you believe this should be a valid symbol”

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Can you tell me which stocks you are trying to add?


| CapMallsAsia| Delisted |
| Popular| Delisted |
| CitySpring| Delisted |
| K-Green| Delisted |
| SMRT| Delisted |
| CapMallA3.8%b220112 | Delisted |
| ARA| Delisted |
| GLP| Delisted |
| SP AusNet| Delisted |
| AscendasHT| Delisted |
| M1| Delisted |

I cannot find CapMallsAsia. What was its stock ticker?

As for Popular and most of others, you can try the search function (Make sure that you choose to show inactive stocks) →

As for those that you know the stock ticker, you can just add prefix of SGX (for Singapore Exchange) and you should be able to add them. Example: DBS has the ticker of D05 and in StocksCafe, it will be SGX:D05

For K-Green Trust, which stock code did you use? I tried the search function (to show inactive stocks). I could not find the K-Green Trust.

I think the stock ticker is as followed:

I see. If you found that its ticker is JS8 then you can use SGX:JS8 when you enter the transactions.

I also do not know the stock code for K-Green Trust. Do you have it from your broker’s transactions?

Based on Standard Chartered Platform is as followed:
Stock Code: LH4U

I get this when I use the stock code from Stockcafe
Crystal Tr Stock Summary (SGX:LH4U) - StocksCafe

I went to SGX to check, there is quite a number of name change activities by KEPPEL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND MANAGEMENT PTE LTD on the Trust under them.

Company Announcements - Singapore Exchange (SGX)

My issue is on the dividend record if add it as part of my transaction. Maybe I will need to record the dividend under dividend override.

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