How to add KLCCP Stapled Group (5235SS) in my watchlist and portfolio?


I can’t seem to be able to find the stock KLCCP Stapled Group (5235SS) from KLSE.

So i cannot add it into my portfolio and watchlist.

How can I find it?

This stock looks weird to me on Yahoo Finance =>

Was it delisted/stopped trading once and recently came back alive? I would say wait a few more days to see if it would appear. If not, I will have to add it manually.

Hi Evan,

Thank you for your reply.

The stock is still active and is still trading. It’s the only stapled group stock in bursa malaysia and with a “funky” stock ticker.

Here’s a little background about it from the internet:

The company was listed in 2004 as KLCC Property Holdings Bhd. However, in 2013, the management restructured the company into a stapled security. Three of the main buildings, PETRONAS Twin Towers, Menara ExxonMobil and Menara 3 PETRONAS were injected into the KLCC Real Estate Investment Trust while the rest of the assets remained in KLCC Property Holdings.

So currently, an investor investing in KLCCP Stapled Group would own both the KLCC REIT and KLCC Property Holdings. Some key assets under KLCC Property Holdings include:

  • 60% Stake in Suria KLCC Retail Mall
  • 75% in Mandarin Oriental KL
  • Kompleks Dayabumi
  • A facility management service company
  • A car park management service company
  • 33% stake in Menara Maxis

Thanks for the response. I will create a ticket to ensure that this ticker is added.

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It should be available now. Thank you for reporting.


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