How to check P&L for each Fiscal Year

Hi there,

I have a few questions about how to track P&L.

(1) In the Portfolio tab, there is a P&L with dividends, is this the total P&L for all over the years?

(2) In the Report tab, I found yearly P&L. However, I cannot relate this to the P&L I see in the Portfolio Tab in (1).

(3) I would like to know my closed or realised P&L each year plus dividend, how to do so?

(4) Is there a way to display P&L for each portfolio one after another rather than have to click one by one in the report tab?

thank you for the good job and your support, as always!

Hi there,

In this page (, they are split into Current P&L, Closed P&L and Overall P&L. If you are looking for “Total P&L” over the years including dividends, then you should look at “Overall P&L (+ Div)”.

Yes, there is a table called “Profit & Loss” and the column “Total P&L” on the row “Overall” should display the same number as “Overall P&L (+ Div)” as Overview tab.

note: It can go out of sync sometimes since Report tab is basically stored. If you see that they are out of sync, please click on the “Update Report Now (Full)” on the top.

That is the “Realized P&L” in “Profit & Loss” table.

This is difficult in terms of proper UI/UX.


ps: Can I make this thread public so that others can also learn about this?

Thanks! you can go ahead, provided that what I am going to say after this remain private. I looked at my data, which says that for FY21, my realised PL is more than total P&L. As the total P&L would include the realised P&L, I wonder how this can happen as my existing portfolio in total should be positive. I am still trying to understand this part. Is it that for those open P&L, the amount is calculated based on this year’s price and not the stock entry price?

Yes, this is possible because as you said that the computation is based on the current price against the 1st trading day of 2021.

I am also having difficulty understanding my report performance for the year. For example, under my DMPro Portfolio, it shows my Overall P&L is $16,304 and closed P&L is $5,251. Under Report, it shows realised is $11,367. How does this reconcile?

Definition of Realized can be found here

Realized P&L = Closed Positions P&L + Dividends of both Current Positions and Closed Positions

Whereas Overall P&L = Current P&L + Closed P&L + Dividends of both Current Positions and Closed Positions

So, basically, Realized P&L = Overall P&L - Current P&L (without dividends)