How to edit a Dividend Entry?

Hi, Anhui Conch Cement Co Ltd (HKEX:914) dividend as per auto entered by Stocks Cafe is showing as HKD 1.6407 per share, but the actual dividend paid was HKD 1.48. In addition, there is a 10% dividend withholding tax, but I can’t create a 10% tax on HKEX stocks in general, as it doesn’t apply to majority of the HKEX stocks. How do I cater to this tax on a stock by stock basis?

Hi there,

  1. You can set dividend withholding tax for just that stock → Anhui Conch Cement Co Ltd Stock Summary (HKEX:914) - StocksCafe
    Note: Use desktop/laptop to visit above url and there is a “Dividends Tax Rate” box for you to enter.

  2. You can use Dividend Override too if you prefer → Override Dividend Collected
    Learn more about Dividend override → How to Override Dividends - StocksCafe Academy


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