How to enter liabilities into other assets?

Recently, the other asset feature have been introduced and it is not intuitive on how to enter a liability.

Here, I attempt to explain how to do that based on my interpretation. Of course, if you have other suggestion, I am open to them.

  1. First, you need to create the asset (or liability in this case) listing over here. Why? Only then StocksCafe can learn about the asset/liability.

  2. Next, enter a buy transaction of price 0 with this link Why? Buy because you are acquiring a liability. Price 0 because you will change the current value somewhere else. Another reason for price 0 is so that the pl is straight forward.

  3. Finally, you want to set the current value of the liability to be negative value. Please enter a negative value (e.g. how much the loan is left or how much is the liability) in the field “Value per unit” of the add new recent value page (e.g. Demo account).
    Tip1: To see the demo account page, you MUST NOT be logged in.
    Tip2: Another way to access the add new recent value page: Start from asset listing, click on the asset (or liability) and click on “Add new value” link.

This should work and as always, happy to get feedback and suggestions.

Hi thanks, I have tried, first two steps able to do, but last step, where to key in the negative value ? Under which field ? In which screen ? Transaction ?

Hi, finally I am able to key in the negative value, thanks so much for preparing this guide, appreciate it! Have a good day!

Ah… I am 1 min too late :frowning:

I just updated the guide. Please help me check if the guide is clearer now :slight_smile:

Thanks ! Is clearer now ! May I confirm the unit should I input 1 for step 2?

Well… That depends on what the liability is about. Depends on how you want to define a unit.

For example, if it is a loan and you only have one loan then it would be one. If you have multiple similar loan, it should be the number of loans. The definition of similar here is the value of the liability.

Got it, thanks!

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Hi, I saw there is a statement for value per unit:
This should be the liquidation value. (e.g. for property, it would be market value minus outstanding mortgage and fees)

May I know for property, what is the reason not to key in the market value only but need to minus outstanding mortgage and fees ? Thanks.

You are right. There are actually two ways to do this.

  1. As suggested, just have one asset listing and the value would be “MarketValue - Loan”.

  2. Or you can have two listing. One asset which will have the MarketValue and one liability which would have the loan value (should be negative).

I recommend first way because then you only need to update one value but of course the two listing approach might be clearer :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, I have already setup using 2nd option two two days ago, today just saw the latest hint under the “value per unit”. That’s why just want to confirm, once again thanks for your prompt reply, I will continue to use 2nd option as it is clearer to me, no doubt more work to do :slight_smile:

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Hi Admin, Can you check - It seems Net worth calculation for before 2019 ( as seen in Dashboard) does not seem to take the negative value of liabilities as per values inputted for various dates.

Hi punch,

I checked. I believe it is because the transaction for the liabilities have a “buy” date of 1st Jan 2019 =>

Would you like to set to an earlier date and try again?


yes, it works. thanks.

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Hi @evankoh! I was looking at inputting liabilities in “Other Assets”, and I approach the issue quite differently :slight_smile:. To me, a liability is similar to short selling/issuing a bond:

  1. I sell it at a positive price (say 1), and I receive cash for it.
  2. I slowly repay (i.e. I buy the asset)
  3. Overall my PnL should only be the interests/fees I pay.

My main issue is that the system does not like short selling in “Other Assets” and returns me an average price of 0. What do you think?

Hi Wenbo,

Yes, you are right. I did not “handle” short-selling in Other Assets yet.

However, Other Assets do not have concept of “Cash Balance”.

Ya… I think current framework cannot measure interests/fees mid-way. But it can do it at the end of the loan. Simply record how much was borrowed and how much were paid.

Thanks for the reply! Point 2 and 3 are really not an issue…
2) Interests/Fees are easily managed manually.
3) Cash not supported in “Other Asset” is not an important feature.

The only issue right now is that the existing booking model returns PnL = Mortgage notional. So if short selling could be supported in “Other Assets”, it would be great!

Okay. Let me see what I can do. Too many things on my plate though :slight_smile: