How to find out the date we bought a particular share (for ease of input into StocksCafe Portfolio; hence, for ease of calculation of dividends till date)

Hi, really love this platform and I can see it growing through the past few months after being introduced to it.

I have been investing since 2013 and have made several buy/sell over the years but have not been tracking anything (procrastination and laziness); my stocks are mainly REITs and so I was wondering if there is any way to find out when I bought/sell the shares and hence faciliatate my calculation of dividends till date by inputting the correct dates when forming my portfolio on StocksCafe?

Thanks in advance!

  1. Your broker

  2. CDP (Only last two years online)

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If there’s been so many missing years of missing info, do you have an ending balance statement as at 2017, or 2018 from the trading platform?

If it has your weighted average cost, why not use that as your beginning cost as at that date? I know it helps to be as accurate as possible, but you could spend a lot of costs requesting for old statements, and a lot of time inputting them one by one.

Rather than not do it, if you have something to work with that’s reasonably accurate, why not start from there and move on?

Dwelling on past results is useful for info and perhaps learning / reflection.
But wouldnt it be nice to take the present and make decisions to help improve the future?

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