How to handle messy portfolio migration to StocksCafe?

I am migrating my portfolio to stocks cafe but I have not kept proper records of my portfolio. I only know the average cost price of my stocks - is there a workaround for this or must I figure out the date / price of my holdings? for eg, I know the average cost price of my starhub stocks but I don’t have records of the occasions on which I purchased and cannot remember the price at which I purchased. thanks!

Hi there,

My recommendation would be simply enter the average price as buy price and set the date to a best guess of your last transactions.

Example: Since you like have multiple buy/sell transaction of Starhub, try to at least roughly recall when is the last time you bought or sold it. And use that date as the buy date. The reason for this is to at least roughly track how much dividends you would have collected since then.

Of course, if you do not really care about that and would like to start afresh, then you can also set all buy date to be say 1 Dec 2023 or 1 Jan 2024 since new year is coming. Then you can start tracking your progress and dividends from 2024 :slight_smile:



This is helpful, thanks