How to track investments in P2P loans

Just wondering how I can better track my P2P portfolio returns on StocksCafe.

This is how I’ve tried doing it

  • classification - i have grouped all my P2P loans as a single counter i.e. P2P
  • initial loan - for a $100 investment, i will ‘buy’ 100 units of P2P at $100
  • repayment+interest - for a $10 return of principal with $1 interest, i will ‘sell’ 10 units of P2P at $11

In the overview page, I expect that ‘closed’ represents the net interest and fees received/paid.
However, ‘current value’ is higher than ‘units’, perhaps due to revaluation when the ‘sell’ prices were input, so the gain/loss is not as expected.

Is there any workaround or better way to do this?
Also, will returns from other assets also be tracked i.e. i would love to see my returns from P2P, especially since there will be cases of default?


Hi Macraeven,

Thank you for reaching out!

This sounds fine but if it were me, I would separate them. Sell 10 units at $10 and declare a ‘dividend’ @ $1. Although this can be complex because dividend will be for every units. Maybe what you are doing is the most straightforward.

I have added a recent value of $1 per unit here =>

This should make the current value equal to the units.

Not sure what you mean here when you say returns.



Thanks so much - yes adding in the recent value of $1 per unit worked :+1:t2:

By returns I mean time-weighted returns, similar to what I can see for my normal portfolio assets.
Not sure if it would be possible to see that, or if it would be complex since there are many kinds of ‘other assets’ users may want to track.

Yes, it is possible to add some metrics like this but they will be inaccurate since I will not know the price fluctuation of the assets unless user very diligently enter them. But surely can do.

Would you mind creating a ticket for it so that I do not forget.