Iassist - new change?

I noticed that iassist layout and output has changed today.
Any blog post regarding the update?

The score metric coupled with div yield & PE metric in the previous version was very helpful - it’s an effective way to stack rack and plan ahead.
Perhaps having New Beta, New ES, New VaR + some of the original metric will be useful?

Is there another page/tool within stockcafe that I can go to to replicate the some of the original view?


Thank you for noticing the changes :slight_smile:

It was finished last night. I intend to send out a blog post today.

It is great to know that you liked it but I have decided to deprecate it because it is kinda too convoluted and not customizable (especially the score since the formulae is hidden).

The closest I can think of is Portfolio/Profile or Watchlist/Profile which can show you all kinds of metrics. But it is not really the original view.

I would suggest that we redesign the whole thing together. I want to have tools that are easy to use, easy to understand and preferably customizable. Would you like to start a feature request and we start listing/defining the requirements?


Sure sounds good