IEIH dividend 12/13/2021 $0.098189


i would like to report the discrepancy for US stock code ticker = IEIH for date = 13 Dec 2021

Currently in stocks cafe, it was listed as USD 0.51 per share

Please refer to the official site below

Offically , it declared the dividend as USD 0.098189 per share.



Hi Hadi,

Thank you for reporting. This is weird. I have two sources for US dividends and they both are saying 0.51. Wonder why. Anyway, I have updated the dividend to 0.098189.


Hi Evan,

Thank you very much for your swift reply.

Actually you are right. the total dividend should be 0.51

There was delay (i think) in IBKR, the subsequent dividend was posted one day after another.

I am using IBKR and when i checked today, there is another entry of dividend = 0.412057 USD per share, so in total , they are giving USD 0.51

I just checked there is witholding tax of 0.098189 USD per share, may i know is it correct to set the tax rate in the stocks cafe to 30%?

FYI i am holding 10 shares, the number on the right is the total value of total shares (10) times the dividend

2021-12-17 IEIH(US46431W6223) Cash Dividend USD 0.098189 per Share (Ordinary Dividend) 0.98
2021-12-17 IEIH(US46431W6223) Cash Dividend USD 0.412057 per Share (Mixed Income) 4.12

2021-12-17 IEIH(US46431W6223) Cash Dividend USD 0.098189 per Share - US Tax -0.29

Oh… Okay. I just remove my override.

Usually, US withholding tax is 30% and hence you can set them for all here →

But for whatever reason, a specific tax is different for a specific stock, you can override it here →

Btw, if it is lower than 30%, it could be this → Nonresident alien investors and Ireland domiciled ETFs - Bogleheads
Or something similar.