IEIH Funds Closure

I just received the news of the funds closure of stock=IEIH as per below notification:

iShares Evolved U.S. Innovative Healthcare ETF (IEIH) $34.13 as of 08/22/2022 $34.129785 as of 08/25/2022

What is your recommendation to register this in stockscafe ? should i create a sell trade with price = USD 34.129785 ?

Thanks ,


Hi Hadi,

Thank you for sharing this.

How much will you get buy per share? If it is 34.129785 then that sounds about right.


ps: Though if all users will be getting back the same amount then maybe better for me to encode it into Events.

i just emailed the broker and here is their reply

As per your statement on 25 Aug 2022, your IEIH shares have been sold and the sales of proceed amounting USD 341.30 (final distribution rate was USD 34.129785 per share) were credited to your account. You may take a look on the Cash Reports section > Trades (Sales) under USD column.

Yes. you are right, they buy back my share with the amount of USD 34.129785 per share.

Please let me know your final thought whether you are going to encode it into Events and deactivate the stock, because now when i see the details: the calculation is a bit off , because it’s messing up the dividend portion.

Done. I simply added a sell transaction →