Importing Cash Transactions

Hi Evan, glad to be here as always.

Apologies for the trouble, but wanted to check in if there’s any way I can import cash transactions aside from adding them in one by one?

Was thinking of properly re-updating my entire portfolio to actually reflect my brokerage accounts instead (I use a few) of doing it based off investment approach (I classified it as “Value”/“Growth” etc. But it’s quite a momentous task that requires quite a bit of data entry and manual work. So just wanted to check in if I could streamline the cash part.

No worries if I still need to key in 1 by 1, fully prepared for that too.

Hi there,

Personally, I do not encourage entering all cash transactions. You just need to enter the “latest one” for each portfolio/brokerage account to ensure that the cash balance matches with the latest.

This is because cash transactions are not used in other places except to keep the cash balance updated.


Fair point, wasn’t sure if it would have affected the IRR/TWR etc. figures (read into it before but it’s been a while) so was thinking that.

But honestly for my sanity it would be better to just have a balancing transaction at the end. Thanks for the reply!

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