Inaccurate dividends amount for Mapletree Industrial Trust (ME8U)

Hi Evan, I have 4,670 shares in MIT so the payout for ex div date 5-May should be SGD 155.51, (4670 x (0.009 + 0.0229 + 0.0007 + 0.0088)). However, in my dividend history in my portfolio, the amount shown is 155.49. Can you take a look?

Let me know if you need details. It is weird that my figure (155.51) shows up in your alert email but the header shows otherwise.

Hi there,

Thank you for raising this issue. I believe it is a rounding issue due to the 4 “separate” accounting.

Question: So, did you get 155.51 or 155.49 into your brokerage account? (I guess you need a few days to know?)


Hi Evan, I got 4.20 (typo on my rate earlier, should be 0.0009 instead) + 106.94 + 3.27 + 41.10 = 155.51.

4670 x 0.0009 = 4.2
4670 x 0.0229 = 106.94
4670 x 0.0007 = 3.269 if round down is 3.26, if round off is 3.27
4670 x 0.0088 = 41.096 if round down is 41.09, if round off is 41.10

I think the difference is if your brokerage would round down or round off for you.
I set it to be round down because that is what many brokerages I know does.

So, we will only know when the money actually goes into your account :slight_smile:

it is in already. the amounts i gave you were the individual lines for FSMOne.

Hmm… I remember I chose to round down because some other users were saying that their brokerages round it down. I guess FSMOne is nice to round off.

The only solution to satisfy everyone would be yet another settings :frowning:

I think probably you can add a function for us to manually override the amount, which I dont think I can at this moment… It seems to be easier than the solution you mentioned.

You actually can :slight_smile:

The problem is that if your broker is always going to be doing round off then you might have to do this often. Of course, unless you are not bothered by the 1-2 cents difference :slight_smile:

Haha! Oops. Thanks and I will manually override this particular corporate action.

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