Include Cash for Investment under My Portfolio in StocksCafe

Hi Evan

I have liquidated one of my stocks which I will buy back at lower valuation. As the year-end is coming for my portfolio review, I wish to include my cash (proceeds) with my overall cost and value of my portfolio. Can this be done? If yes, how can I reduce the cash portion when I buy into new shares (probably in 2024)?

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I assume you mean you want to include cash into your portfolio total value?

If so, you should be able to do it with this post → What is Cash Balance and How to Use It - StocksCafe Academy

Once you turn on cash balance feature, you will see a “Add to Cash Transaction” when you enter your transactions, simply check that and it will reduce your cash holdings accordingly.


Hi Evan
I found the time to look into what you have suggested. The cash portion you have mentioned in your earlier posts/blog is about cash balances from other trading platforms that eventually can be deducted from the cash balance recorded in Stocks Cafe.

What I was looking for us just a cash portion (from shares closed parked in my bank account for future purchase). Ideally, I would like to see my portfolio as: Portfolio value = current shares + cash on hand. I dont know what you think if this is good for both Portfolio and reports or would it “upset” the entire portfolio value calculation? If it does, then we can leave it.

It depends on what you mean by upset reports computation. By adding cash balance, it will reduce portfolio “risk” as it considers cash as a holding hence lowering the portfolio risk.

You can check out this post → Cash Balance 3.0 – Add Cash to Portfolio – StocksCafe Blog
If you want it, then you can check “Add Cash to Portfolio - Cash will be treated as a holding in current portfolio (Read this for details)” found on this page → Message - StocksCafe

I ticked on cash to be added to my portfolio. However the amount showing in my Portfolio overview is not what I expected: It was supposed to show $19k cash, but now showing $96k. Something is wrong. How can I debug this?

I found out why the figure is so high: On clicking on CASH i was brought to CASH TRANSACTION DETAILS. I found out under details it includes dividends + cash deposit. I do not wish to have dividends included in CASHTRANSACTIONS because they have already been deployed (as at 31Dec2023). Ok to delete the dividend portion? After deleting will it affect the dividends received for 2023 under portfolio?

No, you can delete the cash transactions of dividends. It will not affect dividends.

If you do not want cash dividends to be added, you should uncheck “Auto Sync Cash Balance Dividend” on this page → Message - StocksCafe


Thank you Even. I have got it sorted out.

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Hi Evan. I was looking at my Portfolio Overview. Cash balance is way to high. The last time, I mentioned that I deleted all Dividends under Cash Transactions - ie to only show the cash portion. This evening (under 2Jan’24) report the Cash Transaction is showing Cash + Dividends again. There is something I need to uncheck to stop it from including dividends in Cash Transactions. Could you please help? Thank u.

Sure. Let me PM you since it might contain some private information.