Include Options P&L in Daily Email

Any plans to include this in the daily email subscription?


Hi there,

Yes, I did consider that as I am also need it.

So, likely will try to add that in the future.


Hmmm… any update on the timeline for this feature?

Sorry for the delay.

This feature have an issue. Options data are available quite late in the day. Around 3pm SGT whereas the US stocks data are ready usually around 10.30am.

So, we likely have to add one more email timing to include US options P&L.

Saw the revamped P&L email recently… but any timeline to incorporate this?

Sorry, it is in the list of TODO but that is very large. Options users quite limited although I also need this ah :frowning:

Hi Evan,

I was thinking just need the “Current P&L, Closed P&L,Overall P&L” figures from Options, and best if there’s an Grand Overall figure (with the Overall P&L from Portfolio + from Options).

Should ideally be a checkbox in the email preference so users can choose whether they want? :smiley:

Oh… If that is all you wanted, it makes it easier. I was more concerned about the daily change.

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