Incorrect Pricing for VEUR on 31/12/22

Hi Evan

The pricing for VEUR on 31/12/2021 seems incorrect. It is showing as 3155.5, but the decimal is in the wrong place and it should be 31.555. Source is from Yahoo Finance: Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe UCITS ETF (VEUR.L) stock historical prices & data – Yahoo Finance

Hi there,

Thank you for reporting. It seems like the older data have GBX currency instead of GBP. I have updated it and it should be better now. Can you try again? Thanks.

Hi Evan, I’m still facing the same issue with the price on 31 Dec 2021.

Ah… I somehow thought is was for 2022.

Anyway, I fixed it. Please check.

Thanks Evan, VEUR looks correct now but there seems to be the same issue with VFEM on 31-Dec-2021 now…

Fixed. I will also check all 31 Dec on LSE tomorrow.

Sorry Evan, but I’m still seeing issues for VFEM on 31/12/21:

Ah… Seems like my override is erased by upstream data.

I will work on a better solution today for that.

Done. I have ensured that upstream data will not override me anymore. Thanks.