Industry and Sector categories changed for 4 HK stocks

For four of my stocks the Sector and Industry have been magically changed. They were in the Consumer space, but they all have been re-allocated to Materials → Diversified Metals & Mining

If you want to check which ones, feel free to look into my portfolio. It’s the four stocks under Materials → Diversified Metals & Mining , because I do not actually own any stocks in this industry.

Nothing serious, just wanted to report it. All four stocks are HK listed, so maybe it is related to the HK feed issues. The rest of my portfolio allocation categories seem alright.

Many HK Stocks are affected.
If we sort the stocks by Sector we could many HK stocks are affected
Please fix it asap since I am building the portfolio based on sector allocation.
Below is a sample of stocks listed as “diversified Metals & Mining”

Prosperity Real Estate Investment Trust 0808 Materials Diversified Metals & Mining 0%
Hang Lung Group Ltd 0010 Materials Diversified Metals & Mining +4.07%

|Luk Fook Holdings (International) Ltd|590|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|+2.26%|

|Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd|0127|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|+2.79%|

|Wisdom Wealth Resources Investment Holding Group Ltd|0007|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|+29.77%|

|JIA YAO HLDGS|1626-OL|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|+3.04%|
|Lai Sun Development Co Ltd|0488|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|+8.33%|
|Chinasoft International Ltd|354|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|+12.31%|
|Inspur Digital Enterprise Technology Ltd|596|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|-17.50%|
|Yuexiu Property Co Ltd|0123|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|+0.72%|
|Sinotrans Ltd|598|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|-1.57%|
|Shun Tak Holdings Ltd|0242|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|+3.64%|
|Shanghai Industrial Holdings Ltd|0363|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|+1.55%|
|Jiangxi Copper Co Ltd|358|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|+4.90%|
|Value Partners Group Ltd|0806|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|-3.00%|
|CMOC Group Ltd|3993|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|+9.38%|
|Poly Property Group Co Ltd|119|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|+2.75%|
|Anhui Conch Cement Co Ltd|914|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|+1.38%|
|PCCW Ltd|0008|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|-1.61%|
|China Longyuan Power Group Corp Ltd|916|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|+5.80%|
|Hang Lung Group Ltd|10|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|+4.07%|
|Hang Seng Bank Ltd|11|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|-2.95%|
|Henderson Land Development Co Ltd|12|Materials|Diversified Metals & Mining|+0.45%|

Hi all,

Let me look into it.


Hi @CoffeeCan and @mithuprem

I have found the issue and released a fix. Can you check?


ps: The reason was due to the recent issue with HK stocks and I started using a new vendor for it. Guess no vendor is perfect.

No, Its not fixed. Sinotrans (598) is from Sector(s): Industrials
Industry: Integrated Freight & Logistic but still listed as Diversified Metals and Mining.

Hang Lung Group (10) and Yuxieu Proprty (0123) and many more are the same.

Hi @mithuprem,

All mentioned tickers (i.e. 598, 10, 123) seems to be fixed on my side. Is it still showing as “Diversified Metals and Mining” on your side?

Could be some caching earlier?


The issue seems to be fixed. My four affected stocks are back in their correct Sector and Industry. Thanks so much !

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