Initial setup : cash treatment of dividends

I am in the process of setting up my portfolio with import of old transactions. Is there a way to ignore the cash contributions of the dividends that resulted from positions due to these transactions.
Assuming I have one counter, ABC. Through the years have accumulated $400 in dividends. However, as of now, I have $200 in my cash position.
I then create the portfolio in stocks cafe on 1 Jan 2022 and import my previous transactions. The auto-calculated dividends will amount to $400.
From my understanding, I have the following options

  1. Remove all past dividends using the page that shows Dividends Collected. Add a cash deposit of $200 on 1 Jan 2022 to set up the balance. However this will affect the computation of P&L, and corresponding metrics.
  2. Leave the Dividends as is. Add a cash adjustment transaction of -$400 to negate the dividends received and another cash deposit of $200.
    Alternatively, is there a way to recognise the dividend but not effect a cash receipt. Thanks

Hi there,

Cash balance will not affect Dividends recognition. The purpose of cash balance is to simply have a easy way to know how much cash you have in each account/portfolio.

So, either option you suggested make sense.