Investing related books and courses

Hi everyone,

Any recommendation for good investing related resources (books, courses, etc) targeted for Singapore audience?

Particularly looking for the following areas. Please suggest beginner, intermediate & advanced level.

  • dividend investing
  • REITs investing

Thanks ahead.

Finanical horse’s courses provide a good fit, he’s also having a sale

Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Do you have any personal experiences on that course? if yes, please help to share us some review :smiley:

I’ve subscribed for both courses on beginners course to investing and reits masterclass. There’s some overlapping topics.

I recommend the beginner course as it’s really value for money in terms of topics covered. Reits masterclass if you are super interested in starting a reits dividend portfolio.

He promises lifetime updates. In addition to asking for reviews, I encourage you to try the trial, it also shows the overview of the topics covered. :slight_smile:

Great. Thanks Kenneth.