Is it possible to configure dividen currency per holding ticker?

Hi Evan,

Please forgive me as I didn’t do any search on this topic but choose to ask the expert… So some ticker will do dividend in SGD while some in USD (even they are bought in USD in SGX). Is there a way to manage this in

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Hi Nick,

No problem but if you do not mind, I would want to make this post public so that others with similar question can see it.

There is this settings where you can set all dividends received from stocks in SGX to be in SGD (even if they are bought in USD) →

Not sure if that is what you are looking for.


Yes sir please make it public. Indeed I’m aware that option and what I wanted is per symbol configuration. Ie I want to choose dividend for HK land in USD while Niko AM USD ETF’s in SGD . This isn’t available at the moment right?

The reason I asked is currently stocks cafe would put the USD dividend into SGD cash and my cash values are wrong (overall value would be roughly correct though). Just some USD is recorded in your system as SGD.

So far I manually hard adjust it once in a while.


Hi Nick,

I see. Yes, per ticker configurations is currently not available.

Can you create a ticket for that? →


Done ticket raised.

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