Is it possible to track Treasury Bills


may i know whether it’s possible to track 6 month Treasury Bills in stocks cafe as holding ?

below is the link



Hi Hadi,

Sorry, it is not possible within Portfolio.

You would have to use Other Assets →


Hi Evan,

I just saw that you added T-bills tracking. Is it possible to set the min. sum at 1000 per bill with increments of 1000?

Just a small qol suggestion for those who buy tbills. Thanks.

Hi Kendo,

Thank you for the suggestion.
However, it seems like all the T-Bills are priced at $100 hence I think it is better to keep it that way to prevent confusing people.


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Hi Evan, not sure if I’m doing it wrongly but I cannot seem to locate the T-Bill.
Tried searching with your example code i.e. SBILL:BS22118H.

Hi there,

It will not be autocompleted but you can just enter it :slight_smile:


ps: Auto-complete will be support in the future as it requires me to know all the most if not all of the possible T-Bills. For now, all I do is check that the formatting is correct.

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