Is the situation around OUE C Reit so bad?

I am feeling like I am between a Rock and a Hard Place now :frowning:

Ah… I wish they have more emoticons to react to the post beyond :heart:

Still learning the new features. Oue seems to be getting hit a lot. On the commercial front I am not too sure, need to do homework. But I do feel the market is rather emo. Seen too many wild swings. Was waiting for cmt at 2.1 then it went up 2.18 again. I also bummer

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I feel market is always emo :slight_smile:

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@warriortan It does look bad. NAV and DPU all gets diluted. Here’s a good article:

Was a holder until a couple months ago before this saga. My reasons for exiting then were:
i) Income support for OUE building will be expiring end of this year. Unless rental reversions for OUE picks up, i expect a dip in DPU. However, though ofc rents are on the rise, expiring rental rates for that building was only like ~15% for 2018. Not confident that increase in rentals could offset the loss in income support. Having said that, not sure how much is the impact.
ii) High gearing of 40%

I would vote against the acquisition but not sure if it’s a done deal already. Alternatively, u can subscribe and hopefully get lots of excess rights for a lower average price (though not sure if you want to do that).

All the best in whatever decision u make!

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Hey whatever you do. Take a deep breath, and keep cool.
whats the worse that could happen?
It’s probably not end of the world, though it may entail some degree of loss.

Take a breath again. And listen to what your heart tells you.

End of day, hope you come to terms with a decision you are happy with.

The market can get emo, but hey, we should manage ours better right?

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I like this line. It perks me up when things look so gray

Its ok => anyway just continue to collect dividend. As long as that is not stopped, I am ok :slight_smile: