Keppel bonus share event error code

Hi @evankoh ,

On the Keppel bonus share event, I had clicked on the ‘Pending’ option but an error message “Cannot find suggestionid = 76042” pop up instead.

Hi @mu9etsu

Thank you for reporting.

Hmmm… You should not see that 76042 event anymore as it is replaced.

Can you give me a link or description to where you find this?


Hi Evan,

Here is the link below.

After I selected the ‘Pending’ option , then the error code pops up

Hi there,

Thank you for the detailed explanation. That is very weird. You should not see anything pending.

Can you logout and login then try again?


Have tried to logout and relogin but the error still exist though.

I have also cleared my cache and also logout of the mobile version as well but the error still exists.

Sorry for the issue.

  1. Did you mean you still see the 1 pending event? If so, it is very weird because I have deleted that event and also cleared the cache. I cannot see why you can still see it.

I will investigate more.

No worries.

I no longer see the pending event anymore and that the event was accepted. All good now.

Thanks for the help!

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