KLSE Ticker 5099LA not found

Hi Evan,

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Mind checking with your upstream, whether they have this ticker (KLSE:5099LA)?

It is the Capital A Berhad’s (5099) Loan Stock.

Here is the Bursa Malaysia link (https://www.bursamalaysia.com/trade/trading_resources/listing_directory/company-profile?stock_code=5099LA)

Thank you!

Hi there,

I assume it is different from both found here? => Search results for 5099 - StocksCafe

Anyway, I just emailed upstream about this. Will keep you posted.


Hi Evan,

Yes, 5099-LA is different from what is on Stocks.Cafe: 5099 is the underlying stock, while 5099-WA is the stock’s warrant.



Hi JM,

This is the reply from upstream.

Thank you for your patience. The instrument class for 5099LA.XKLS is “Bond”.

Since 5099LA.XKLS is classified as a Bond, which means this security is not supported under your subscription.

Bonds are not supported in StocksCafe. May I suggest you track it with Custom Assets?


Hi Evan,

No problem, thanks for clarifying! Also, thanks for suggesting Custom Assets - it is great for situations like this!



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