Latest wishlist

Ok, latest wish-list.

A subset called STI Bluechips that complement the REITs subset entry would be great.

And here’s a biggie : We have Median and Sector Median for screening. Can we introduce a Subset Median ?


  1. Would you like to create a feature request for track-ability?

  2. Might be tricky to implement this effectively.
    a) If we want screeners to run fast, would need to pre-compute the values but there are potentially too many possible combinations since they can be many Subsets x many Metrics.
    b) If we only run on-demand (i.e. when a screener request for the median of a particular Subset and Metric combo), it will be a slow operation depending on the size of Subset and what metric.

I would actually think, for such complex operations, one should try to use StocksCafe APIs.