Left Field Printing Bonus Issue

There was bonus issue of Left Field Printing shares for Lionrock shareholders today.
When I entered the transaction, because fees and cost were 0, it triggered a bug because percentages (P/L%, AP/L% etc. couldn’t be computed (effectively it’s infinity cos cost was 0).
This further caused a problem when trying to access the stock page. The loading got stuck when it reached the infinity%:

So I tried to get around this by changing the cost to 0.01:

Is there a better way of doing this?



Thank you for reporting. Yes, there were a divide by zero error that was not handled properly. I have since patched it. Please verify. Thanks.


ps: Curious. Why would anything be really costless? There is always at least some time or effort cost :slight_smile:

Yeah works now. Thanks for patching!
Hahaha unfortunately we usually only notice and recognise the monetary efforts and returns… just like in real life :frowning:

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