Lendlease Global Commercial REIT - Distribution Revinvestment Plan (DRP)

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Lendlease announced Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) recently and I’m planning to participate. As Stock Cafe will automatically record my dividend in my portfolio. May I know how I can convert the dividend to DRP transaction? Planning to subscribe FULL in the upcoming DRP exercise.


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I am not sure about the details of this. Can you tell me more? When is the ExDate? What are the terms and conditions?


Hi @evankoh,

Sorry for late response.

Details is here https://www.shareinvestor.com/news/news.html?source=my_sgxnet&nid=515527066#:~:text=Distribution%20of%202.4499%20Singapore%20cents,0.4052%20Singapore%20cents%20per%20unit.

Ex-Date : 14th Feb 2023

Ah… I see. You can check out this post → How to Handle Scrip Dividends - StocksCafe Academy

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Hi Evan,

Got it! Thank you so much for your prompt response! Speedy recovery on your upcoming LASEK operation.

Take care.

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can i clarify that for the part-scrip part-cash case, we follow the recommended method in the knowledge base article?

because my per unit price will become higher than what was indicated as the official drp unit price

Yes, at the end of the article, it did briefly talk about part-scrip part-cash case.

You can always change the numbers to match your official values.

but does it take into consideration the cash component i received?

Basically, the way, this is handled is that you will still received the dividends (in cash), just that part of this money is used to buy back the same stocks and during the buy transactions, the cash will also be deducted accordingly.

oh ok so i just need to ensure that when filling it up, the number of shares is what i signed up for and adjust the unit price according to the official value

Yes! Ultimately, the features are just there to guide you in filling up values for transactions. You can always override them accordingly :slight_smile: