Lippo Malls Trust

Can someone please tell me why subject share price has taken a nose-dive? Can I still buy in to average out? Thanks

Some reading about rights issue, dilution, stock price below…

Also consider the market sentiment against Indonesia, the sponsor Karawaci, and of course the impact of Covid19…

I personally try to purchase any rights issue if it is genuinely discounted, and if I believe in the future of the business. I am not a trader BTW… I buy and forget…

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Whatever MedMan said has to be one of, if not, the worst advice/commentary ever.

Suggest you do a read up on the abilities of the sponsor and manager and from there, make an assessment if you should buy more, hold and do nothing, or totally get out.

Investing is not for the lazy and the “buy and forget” type of people, unless if you desire a portfolio like MedMan’s.

Look at the performance of the reit, look at the prospect, look at the sponsors , the financial Engineering and long term depreciation of rupiah to sgd and the so often rights issue.

Can u tell me 1 reason the share price should go up?

Investing is not for the lazy and the “buy and forget” type of people, unless if you desire a portfolio like MedMan’s.

Oh thanks for the bashing! LOL … If you’re peeping into my numbers, it is partially due to the 22% tax I paid this year on leaving Singapore. My AU portfolio does not suck as much as SG though…

Confession: Lippo is down big time this year… But, past performance is not indication of the future

Oh yeah! I am lazy, as I am retired now… :tropical_drink:

? You have to pay tax for leaving Singapore? Did not know that Singapore have exit taxes as well :frowning:

Closing SRS is subject to income tax + 5% penalty, which are applied to the entire value of the portfolio (not just the profit).

All taxes, including income tax for the current year and remaining taxes from the previous years are paid upon leaving the country. Basically the account is closed :wink:

Oh man… Entire value but I guess we did get the tax free then…

LMRT went up 10% in 2 days. Some people got scared and sold, some people saw the opportunity and bought it cheap and sold it higher to someone else that thinks it is too cheap. :crazy_face:

Who knows what happens tomorrow? Next month? Next year? 5 years later?
All I know is, we are just trying to catch the wave or steer away. Some do everyday, some do once a month…

Those people that think they are too clever, should’ve already been a billionaire and chilling out somewhere…

Good luck to all raiders on choppy waters. Hopefully we won’t get caught in a typhoon in the high seas.