Lse:0yp5 - adyen ord

Hi Evan

Looks like there is a bug with LSE:0YP5.

Many thanks for looking into it. And also thank you for your great work :slight_smile:


Hi Gumby,

Thank you for reaching out. For this ticker, can you give me an external link to it? I cannot find it in Yahoo =>


Hi Evan

It’s listed on EuroNex (Amsterdam) under

I know, StocksCafe does cover EuroNext but this ticker is also represented on the LSE under

This Ticker was working fine on StocksCafe under LSE:0YP5 up till 19th Feb.

Thanks again for your assistance.


*StocksCafe does NOT cover EuroNext … I mean :grimacing:

For some reasons, the new provider is missing some tickers :frowning:

I will complain to them about it. Meanwhile, we might have to consider this β†’ StocksCafe